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    Peninsula Pop-up Series

    Catch Oh Ramona all over the Mornington Peninsula this spring & summer! It’s the softest of soft launches, but it’s still a launch and I’m so excited! Ideas long-percolated are starting to take actual shape and are ready to test out on actual humans. So if you find yourself on the Peninsula please come and say hi and check out our wares, including: Inclusive sized pre-loved and vintage apparel from Australia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Stunning, handcrafted jewellery from the PNW: Premium greeting cards, original art prints and sassy stickers from the PNW: Dates and locations

  • Portrait of a young femme person with pouty lips, medium skin tone and dark hair slicked back into a high ponytail with a pink scrunchie. She's wearing pink butterfly sunglasses and pink heart-shaped dangly earrings with a palm tree, and a lavender wool turtleneck. Behind her is a partly obscured pink neon sign that might say "Gimme some."
    Haus of Dizzy is one of the designers tapping into the Barbie trend. Photo by Nynno Bel-air. Haus of Dizzy
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    In a Barbie World

    Well, the year’s most anticipated film has finally arrived, delighting women and girls all over the world. In the United States, the Barbie movie made history, with the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a film directed by a woman. Congrats, Greta Gerwig! And while I haven’t seen the film yet, I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere. My social feeds are jammed with Barbie-themed posts and LOTS of Margot Robbie, who stars in the titular role. The podcasts I listen to are talking about the soundtrack. Even at my 9-5 workplace, there’s been a noticeable uptick in pink attire – especially Pantone 219 C, a.k.a. Barbie pink. When I recently…

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    Wear it with Pride

    June is such a wonderful month in the United States! The sun starts to come out for extended periods, the days are longer, and everywhere you look, you see rainbows! June is a time to celebrate LGTBQIA+ pride, and commemorate the first Pride marches that were held in several American cities in 1970, following the previous year’s Stonewall uprising. It’s not only America that celebrates Pride month in June – many other countries also celebrate during June. It’s a time to fly that rainbow flag with pride, either as a queer person, or as an ally. Designers and brands are getting increasingly creative with their pride-inspired offerings. Check these out:…

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    Is Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series the future of boutique retail?

    Spoiler alert: I think so. Why though? Because it offers even more of what shoppers want from brick-and-mortar retail in the first place. But let me back up – what is Portland-based jewellery designer and retailer Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series? It’s a series of trunk shows, pop-ups and sales spanning the summer. In their words: “Join us all summer long for events featuring some of the most popular artists & designers in our shop. It’s your chance to browse an expanded selection, seconds, limited editions, and one-of-a-kind pieces from some of our favorite lines.” Trunk shows bring the designer into the retail space, with their full product offering, giving…