• Cara stands smiling in her market stall stand, surrounded by colourful dresses, chunky jewellery and a promotional sign for "Oh Ramona – inclusive fashion & lifestyle."
    My stall at Dromana Community Market, 27 Jan 2024. 📷 @itsnaturalight
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    Ten things I’ve learned from selling at markets

    Do you have a great new product you want to get in front of customers? Want to make some extra money to support your crafting habit? Having a market stall can be a great way to kick off your side hustle, and for some people, it can even become their main hustle. I started selling at market stalls in October 2023, as a low-overhead way to soft-launch my new inclusive fashion boutique, Oh Ramona. Here are some of the things I’ve learned, that I hope can help you show up and sell at markets like a pro! 🔥 Hot Tip: If you’re short on time, skip down to the TLDR…

  • Clothes rack displaying many colorful women's or femme tops.
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    Peninsula Pop-up Series

    Catch Oh Ramona all over the Mornington Peninsula this spring & summer! It’s the softest of soft launches, but it’s still a launch and I’m so excited! Ideas long-percolated are starting to take actual shape and are ready to test out on actual humans. So if you find yourself on the Peninsula please come and say hi and check out our wares, including: Inclusive sized pre-loved and vintage apparel from Australia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Stunning, handcrafted jewellery from the PNW: Premium greeting cards, original art prints and sassy stickers from the PNW: Dates and locations

  • Display of a variety of handmade gold and silver jewellery on a neutral, flat background
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    Is Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series the future of boutique retail?

    Spoiler alert: I think so. Why though? Because it offers even more of what shoppers want from brick-and-mortar retail in the first place. But let me back up – what is Portland-based jewellery designer and retailer Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series? It’s a series of trunk shows, pop-ups and sales spanning the summer. In their words: “Join us all summer long for events featuring some of the most popular artists & designers in our shop. It’s your chance to browse an expanded selection, seconds, limited editions, and one-of-a-kind pieces from some of our favorite lines.” Trunk shows bring the designer into the retail space, with their full product offering, giving…