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Is Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series the future of boutique retail?

Spoiler alert: I think so. Why though? Because it offers even more of what shoppers want from brick-and-mortar retail in the first place.

But let me back up – what is Portland-based jewellery designer and retailer Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series? It’s a series of trunk shows, pop-ups and sales spanning the summer. In their words:

“Join us all summer long for events featuring some of the most popular artists & designers in our shop. It’s your chance to browse an expanded selection, seconds, limited editions, and one-of-a-kind pieces from some of our favorite lines.”

Trunk shows bring the designer into the retail space, with their full product offering, giving customers a chance to explore an extended offering and perhaps even engage with the designer themselves. They’re a way to dig deeper into a brand they may have seen a few lines from, but not had the chance to view the full product range, and to try on items that may usually only be available online.

Not only this, they offer customers a reason to come back into your store: the knowledge that something special will be offered for a limited time (usually one day or less).

Screenshot from Betsy + Iya's website promoting summer series events.

B+I is offering trunk shows throughout the summer with four of its most popular non-house brands – Amy Olson, Natalie Joy, The Baked Clay Studio and Kari Phillips.

On top of this, the store’s summer series programming includes an “as-is” sale, offering great prices on seconds, prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces – yet another great way to bring people back in-store, in search of a bargain! Plus, two pop-ups – the first with North Portland consignment boutique Vein of Gold; and the second with local ceramics studio, Wolf Ceramics. These are a clever way to showcase B+I’s extended product offering – they are not just a jewellery store! And to bring followers of these brands into B+I’s retail space.

Screenshot from Betsy + Iya's website, promoting summer series events.

In a post-pandemic world where online shopping continues to reign supreme for convenience and often value-for-money, boutique retailers need to find innovative ways like this to remind customers the benefits of shopping in a store – the sense of community, the connection with the designers & makers, the ability to feel the product and try it on, and the thrill of discovery that comes with exploring a physical space.

Check out Betsy + Iya’s Summer Series here.

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